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Culture- and education center MIR (MIR means “world” in Russian) is the WORLD of children and adults who are proud to say

We are Learning Russian!”

The main activity of Center MIR is early language development of Russian-speaking and bilingual children aged 1-15 years.

In the WORLD of kids (1-3 years) and in the WORLD of pre-schoolers (4-6 years) Russian is taught while playing, using the immersion method. In a classroom children learn letters, listen to stories and participate in them themselves, draw and crafts, sing songs and dance, play mobile and board games, and all this in Russian.

In the WORLD of school children (7 years and older) children receive the true “Bukvar” (the first book in a Russian school, ABC-book). But despite the fact that children already would like to appear older, they with great pleasure continue studying Russian in a fun, playful way.

In Center MIR has not forgotten and adults - for you, we offer a variety of courses of Russian as a foreign language.

Regardless of the age, of our main approach is active communication, which allows both children and adults "live" each new lesson and not just learn new letters, words and expressions.

Classes are taught exclusively by Russian speakers, experts in early childhood development and work with bilingual children.

For more information about the classes in each age group you can learn in the "WORLD of kids" and the "WORLD of adults".

Our team

Elena Bessonova
Elena Bessonova

Drama teacher, professional actress and experienced tutor.

Yevgeniya D'Ottaviano
Yevgeniya D'Ottaviano

Rhythmic and dance teacher, professional gymnast, qualified trainer and choreographer.

Marina Kortmann
Marina Kortmann

Teacher of the Russian language, preschool pedagogy and psychology, speech therapist.

Aksana Nikitsenko
Aksana Nikitsenko

Russian language and literature teacher in high school, certified HSK-teacher.

Marina Sedova
Marina Sedova

Experienced teacher of visual arts, developer of educational programs for children.

Natalia Sigrist
Natalia Sigrist

Founder of the Center MIR.

Katsiaryna Vertal
Katsiaryna Vertal

Primary school teacher and educational psychologist.

Liudmila Voron
Liudmila Voron

Back-office specialist.


The main secret of success of Center MIR is its young, friendly and rapidly growing team. We are pleased to welcome to our ranks talented, extraordinary, bright, energetic professionals who truly love children and love what they do. If you would like to join us, please send your resume by e-mail info@mir-sh.ch.

We are looking for native Russian-speaking, qualified music, math and science teachers.


20 August 2022

Dear children and parents, we are wishing you a great new school year!

We are sure that you have enjoyed the summer break, missed each other and of course tanked enough energy for studying. May the new school year bring a lot of success and unforgettable memories to you.  From our side, we will try our best to help you achieve your objectives!

Weekly classes the Center "MIR" will start on Wednesday, August 24th 2022. We are very pleased that this year we are opening an Art Studio for children aged 6-9: the classes will take place on Fridays from 16:00 to 17:30. We look forward to seeing you!

If you find out program attractive and would like to receive more detailed information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail info@mir-sh.ch.

11 August 2021

MIR has prepared a rich and very interesting program for the first quarter of the new academic year.
Creative art- and culinary workshops, a journey through time and space, as well as a children's theater are waiting for you
Downlad the brochure (RU/DE).

9 April 2021

In the 4th quarter of the academic year 2020/21 (May-June 2021), MIR has prepared for you a varied program from the Studio of creative construction and the Laboratory of fun science to a historical journeys and cooking masterclasses. Download the brochure (in the Russian and German languages).

1 April 2021

MIR is on the move again! WOW Museum Zurich, Burg Hohenklingen, Lindt Home of Chocolate, Zürcher Spielzeugmuseum, Wildnispark Zürich are already awaiting the visit of famous MIR travellers at the end of April! Download the brochure (in Russian and German).

15 February 2021

In the 3rd quarter of the academic year 2020/21 (February-April 2021), MIR has prepared for you a varied program from the Laboratory of Fun Science to a Historical Journey to the World of Ancient Civilizations. Download the brochure (in Russian language).

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